Copywriting Sparks

A new simple approach may help you create some new ideas for your next direct mail piece.

Step 1, Answer these questions:

  • What problem does your product (or service) solve, and for whom?
  • How long has your product (the widget) been selling steadily, and why?
  • What uses or occasions is the widget especially appropriate for?
  • Where would you normally find one of its ingredients or components being used?
  • What doesn’t the widget have, which makes it superior?
  • Is there a flaw to feature?
  • It’s a cross between a what and a what?
  • How will the user feel when using it?
  • What does this widget go well with?
  • What kind of testing went into making the widget?
  • Why might you want more than one widget?
  • Why is the price so reasonable?

Step 2, Look at your list of answers and choose one or more ideas that provide an appealing angle.

Step 3, Add the practical facts like how big and how much, and you’re done.

4 Ways to keep copy fresh

  1. Embrace the customers’ point of view.
  2. Be strategic and ask tough questions about established assumptions.
  3. Watch out for mistakes that can shorten your project’s shelf life or usefulness.
  4. Try not to worry too much about grammar and conventions. Being effective may be more important than being correct.


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