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Do It Yourself?

CBS Money Watch posted an article about some instances when it might be less expensive to pay a professional. Their list included: changing the oil in a car, formal printing jobs, selling valuable personal items and taxes. There is even a website called diyornot.com that helps to calculate if it is worth the money savings to attempt a home improvement project by yourself.

To expand on the explanation of asking a professional to print invitations, posters or other materials, the Money Watch team discussed the costs of ink cartridges, time and frustration.

Mailing is very similar to printing. Using a professional mailer can definitely save you time and frustration. A professional mailer can also update your mailing list by checking for changes of address and identify undeliverable addresses that may only need a small correction.

Mailings can qualify for the discounted presorted rates with quantities as small as 200 items. The postage savings will start to save you money and pay for the services of a professional at surprisingly low quantities.

Do More Marketing with Less Money

  • Stagger mailing schedules (200 piece mailings still qualify for presorted postage discounts)
  • Think about new ways to get more from your customer list
    • Would you tell a different story to someone based on where they live or the business is located?
    • Would you offer a deeper discount if they have not purchased from you in the last year?
    • Would updating your customer file with more details help you create more personalized messages?
  • Now is a great time to implement existing customer retention programs like newsletters, anniversary (their wedding or when they last purchased from you) letters or postcards, birthday cards, postcard reminders…
  • Get coop advertising support from your vendors
  • Cooperate with nearby businesses
  • Cooperate with similar but non competing businesses

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