Your Customer List


Your Customer List


Your own list of customers is one of the most valuable and important assets of your business. This information can be maintained in your accounting software, your contact management software, an address book like Microsoft Outlook, a database program or even in a spreadsheet. The essential part is that you set up a system that you will keep up to date. We would be happy to talk to you about what key and unique information will help your specific business.

During times of economic uncertainty, your customers should be the people you stay in touch with and nurture the most.

The Minimum Requirements

Even the simplest list should contain this basic information:

First Name Last Name Company Address City State Zip Code
Dean   Dean's Mailing 3015 West Weldon Avenue Phoenix AZ 85017
John Doe Any Company 123 Main Street Phoenix AZ 85001
Jane Smith Your Company 543 East Second Street Phoenix AZ 85002

As a provider of mailing services, we want to help you make sure that your communication with your customers gets to them. The United States Postal Service provides a lot of information about addresses and deliverability but we can summarize it by saying that they want to see the information go from the most specific (the person) to the most general (the state). We want to help you interpret the regulations to get the most postage savings and meet your marketing and customer communication objectives.

Future Expansion

As your business grows and your customer list grows, you can use the information to learn more about the people most likely to buy from you in the future.

As one of your partners in generating more income for your business, we can also help you define characteristics of your customers.

You may want to talk to us about getting indicating information about your existing customers. For consumers we can obtain basic demographic information such as age, income, estimated credit score or profession. More specific information may also be available, please talk to us about your needs. We can also obtain unique information about addresses such as age of home, presence of pool, length of time homeowners have owned the home, sales price of home or estimated value.

The same kind of key demographic information is also available for businesses that sell to other businesses. You can obtain information like specific Standardized Industrial Code (SIC), estimated sales volume, number of employees, names and titles of key decision makers and other data that will help you in obtaining new clients and revenue.

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