Get It Done!

Many people enjoy swapping stories of disasters, but the “saves” are so much more common. Mailing professionals often catch errors on a proof, suggest a redesign that saves handling or postage, fix mistakes on printed pieces with creative ingenuity and maybe some stickers, notice that the list is wrong, catch a huge number of duplicates, and work overtime to get the mail out in one day!

There are so many times when others in the chain (project leader, artist, layout, printer…) run into challenges and time delays. When the pieces are finally off the printing press, the deadlines have all been missed and keep slipping and all of a sudden we are a week away from “it” (a major sale, an event, the end of the month…). Then somehow, someway we as your direct mail shop get the mail to the post office and the pieces get delivered right on time.

What are you doing to survive and thrive right now? Do you still have the ‘git-er done’ attitude?

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